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VP Gathering 2023

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Doors Open

Carlos Pereira Santos | Breda University of Applied Sciences

Introduction to Virtual Production Gathering ’23


The content-making revolution is here

Michael McKenna | CEO and co-founder | Final Pixel

Production methods for film, episodic and advertising content are going through the most radical shakeup since the dawn of the talkies, a change that will make the move from celluloid film to digital a footnote in history.  Virtual Production, AI, Graphics processing and VFX, AR, the metaverse – this rapid change is upending workflows and business models throughout many industries. In 10 years time the landscape will be completely different to what we see now.  Michael will reveal case studies and insights from those on the ground of this change right now, and how you can best prepare yourself to succeed.


Optical Tracking in Virtual Production

Lasse Roren | Application specialist | Vicon

An in-depth look at optical tracking technology when used in Virtual Production applications – current status, common challenges, existing possibilities, and future potential.


Pre-Production for (Virtual) Productions

Pim de Bilde | Creative Producer / CEO | IRON Films

In this presentation, IRON Films will show you their work method, starting with the story, budgeting and creation of the ideal studio. This workflow takes place within Unreal Engine. IRON Films develop tools to make this process visual.

Benefits of simulating and testing in a digital environment gives more insight to clients and creators during the creation process. In turn, this results in more freedom to develop the story. Additionally, this method provides a good overview of the risks, costs and possibilities of the project.



Lunch, Network & Demos!


A technical breakdown of ICVFX for high end drama

Dennis Kleyn | Founder, VFX supervisor/VP producer

Nils Pauwels | Partner, Head of Virtual Production

A technical breakdown of a VP project for high end drama in the Netherlands. An overview of preproduction, unreal asset creation and on set workflows and experiences.



Managing Colour for ICVP Photography

Sam Munro | Virtual Production Product Specialist | Epic Games

This talk will cover the importance of managing the colour workflow of content from VAD to stage and cover some of the techniques that can be used during a shoot to achieve the final look for your production.


Coffee Break


Generative AI for Virtual Production

Asa Bailey| Founder and CEO | GodBox

See how GODBOX computers and generative AI tools are being used in Virtual Production to enable artists and crews to create content in real-time.


Integrating VP into the production design workflow within the art department structure

Udo Kramer | Production Designer | 1899

The presentation will showcase the production design workflow of 1899, a NETFLIX original TV series focusing on the design process using a VP stage. Therefore we will share an insight view into the development work of the art department.


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