VP Resources is a space where we are sharing our open material to support Virtual Productions.
We will be updating this regularly, and new learning material will be available.


Enjoy the BTS of the VPGathering 2023 at Breda University of Applied Sciences!

See how GODBOX computers and generative AI tools are being used in Virtual Production to enable artists and crews to create content in real-time.

An in-depth look at optical tracking technology when used in Virtual Production applications – current status, common challenges, existing possibilities, and future potential.

A technical breakdown of a VP project for high end drama in the Netherlands. An overview of preproduction, unreal asset creation and on set workflows and experiences.

This talk will cover the importance of managing the colour workflow of content from VAD to stage and cover some of the techniques that can be used during a shoot to achieve the final look for your production.

In this presentation, IRON Films will show you their work method, starting with the story, budgeting and creation of the ideal studio. This workflow takes place within Unreal Engine. IRON Films develop tools to make this process visual.

Benefits of simulating and testing in a digital environment gives more insight to clients and creators during the creation process. In turn, this results in more freedom to develop the story. Additionally, this method provides a good overview of the risks, costs and possibilities of the project.