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The VP Gathering is a conference that brings together professionals and students from the film, television, and video game industries to discuss and showcase the latest developments and technologies related to virtual production. This conference is open to industry professionals, students, and anyone with an interest in the field.
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VP Gathering 2024

Carlos Santos & Joey Relouw | Breda University of Applied Sciences

Introduction to Virtual Production Gathering ’24.


Virtual Production: Maximising the value proposition across multiple departments

Brad Blackbourn | Creative Technology Consultant | BAFTA & BFDG

Virtual Production wins extend far beyond LED Volumes. VP covers the entire non-physical, digital, virtual components of a production and any VP spend should add clear value to as many stakeholders in the production process as possible.

We look at how to leverage a Virtual Production spend to add value across multiple departments, for multiple processes and at multiple checkpoints along the production timeline by leveraging the de-risking and clarity of communication that it can bring.


Color management for Virtual Production

Jeff Olm | Creative Technologist, Virtual Production Real-Time Compositor/Colorist

We will explore the significance of accuracy and reliability in efficient virtual production, especially in achieving color consistency when filming from LED walls. Providing an overview of crucial tools facilitating precise LED wall calibration in ICVFX environments, we aim to minimize on-set and post-production efforts required to recover missing color information. The imperative to maximize shoot days and ensure high-quality, authentic image production is highlighted for creative teams operating in studio facilities. Virtual production, now surpassing traditional green screen technology, enables the seamless composite of 2D or 3D backgrounds on large LED displays, offering significant time and cost savings in post-production, along with applicability to live broadcast events.


VPSN - Teaching VP shoot preparation when there isn't a VP screen on campus

Mata Haggis-Burridge | Professor of Creative & Entertainment Games | Breda University of Applied Sciences

Mata is an academic and digital creative with over 20 years of experience in both design and writing for video games and a broad range of entertainment media. They are the Professor of Creative & Entertainment games at Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.


Lunch, Network & Demos

Lunch is provided, we open the space to our XR Stage, and there will be plenty of time to engage with the community, talk to students, ask questions to our speakers.

Above all, relax and enjoy yourself.


VP vs VP : what's the difference and what is their environmental impact?

Cedric Lejeune | Holli

In this presentation we will talk about two aspects of virtual production, the virtual environment that is used for the preparation of the shooting, the virtual studio with the LED walls, and the connection between the two. We’ll cover the benefits of each on the overall environmental impact of the production and how we can expect things to evolve in the future, notably with AGI.


Perception of interoperability

Alina Kadlubsky | Open AR Cloud Europe gUG

Join a talk exploring the vast potential of interoperability in shaping and enhancing processes through the convergence of industries and technologies.

From generative AI systems like Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT to XR innovations and cloud computing efficiencies, discover tools that can redefine possibilities and address industry challenges.The discussion centers on creating systems that leverage the best of industry convergence to overcome current limitations through interoperability.


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New Technologies and Workflows for Virtual Production - High Efficiency with No Limits to Creativity 

Florian Gallier | Mo-Sys

This presentation will cover Mo-Sys Hybrid Virtual Production and Gaussian Splatting with VP.

Mo-Sys Hybrid VP: an ingenious combination of mid sized LED and wide green screen that was used to film a 55-minute TV pilot, created by an 11-person team new to Virtual Production, using this workflow in an office-sized studio. The pilot features 7 different virtual New York locations, including a trading floor. In total, 492 shots in 2 weeks.

The session will delve into the entire process of this virtual production pilot, from pre-production to post-production.

Gaussian Splatting: Mo-Sys is experimenting and developing with Gaussian Splat, a groundbreaking technique for producing photorealistic content. This method simplifies the creation of production-ready 3D scenes, offering an easier alternative to previous methods.


From Vision to Virtual: Virtual Production with The Third Floor

Joe Ponsford |  Virtual Production Supervisor | Third Floor

The Third Floor has been at the forefront, working closely with directors, cinematographers, production designers, and key departments to craft real-time visualization and planning tools. These tools empower creatives and crew to shape ideas and overcome practical production challenges seamlessly, all in the dynamic realm of virtual production. This presentation, led by TTF’s Virtual Production Supervisor Joe Ponsford, will offer insight into the inner workings of Virtual Production and TTF’s current pipeline of location scouting, onset Visualisation (Cyclops, VCAM & Simul Cam) and Techvis.


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Breda Game City Drinks, Spring Edition 2024

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